Collaborative residents

Becoming home recipients

We call home recipients “Collaborative residents“. Let’s work together.

Before you apply...

If you don’t agree these requirement or you think your living condition does not match these requirement,

  • Contact Nááts’íilid Initiative (Facebook page)
  • Keep in touch with us
  • Talk to the chapter house
Step 1

Initial Eligibility Requirements

The collaborative residents have to agree to

  • Willing to learn the design and build an affordable housing process with students
  • Live in the house as main house (not for rent, not for the second house)
  • Let the students design the house

The collaborative residents have to have

  • home site lease within 1 hour from Bluff, Utah
  • approved funding support by UNTF or NRF
Step 2

Collaborative resident guide

If you meet these requirements, the next step is to review our DBU@B video. This video walks you more thoroughly through how our application process works, outlines what to expect while participating in the program, and what to expect after your home is complete.

Please watch the video below to understand these keynotes.

  • DBU@B vision and history
  • Advantage/Disadvantage of DBU@B housing
  • Partnership with UNTF and NRF
  • Schedule based on the University academic calendar)
  • Design(around 700 sq. ft. with expansion proposal)
  • Budget
Step 3


If you read through this document and feel the program is a good fit, you are encouraged to submit the Home Recipient Application. You will be officially considered as an applicant. Submitting an application is not a binding agreement, and applicants can withdraw their application at any time.

Step 4

In-person Meeting

DBU@B staff members will review your application and will set up a time for an in-person meeting, and will survey the site together.

Step 5

Participant agreement

After you submit the Home Recipient agreement, you will be officially the participant and DBU@B will set up the timeline for the design and build process to completion.

Step 6

Design and Build

DBU@B will be with you every step of the way.

We are available!