20th Anniversary Donate

Celebrating 20 Years of DesignBuildUTAH

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Empowering Instructors and Participants: The Nourishment Donation Campaign

Support our workshops with a heartwarming donation We host workshops where talented minds collaborate and create. To foster participant innovation, we are raising $6000 to cover the cost of healthy meals provided throughout the event.

Your Impact:

🍽️ Nurturing Creativity: Provide essential support to our instructors and participants.

🤝 Building Community: Foster bonds and brainstorming over shared meals.

🌱 Supporting Local: Your donation also benefits local catering businesses!

Every bite counts: From a snack to a full meal, your generosity greatly uplifts our collective spirit.

  • $10 feeds one participant
  • $500 caters a communal meal
  • $6000 achieves our goal!

To donate, please click the button below to visit our GoFundMe page.

As a token of thanks, we will include personal “words of gratitude” in our workshop materials.

We are deeply grateful for your support in making this gathering unforgettable—nourishing not just the body but also the soul.

Building a Creativity Hub: Call for Material Donations

We’re building a gathering place that stimulates creativity, and we need your help!

Items Needed:

  • Garden natural materials that can be pruned
  • Fallen trees with a diameter of 3 inches or more
  • Giant reed canes
  • Rebar
  • Concrete

Your Impact:

  • Strengthening Community Bonds
  • Creating an Inspiring Environment
  • Supporting Local Fulfilment

Together, let’s build a space where creativity flourishes. Thank you for joining us in our endeavors!

Hiroko Yamamoto

DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff, co-director