20th Anniversary How to get involved

Celebrating 20 Years of DesignBuildUTAH

How to get involved

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Join the Main Event, Workshops, and Exhibitions

To partake in this two-week immersion of creative delight, securing your ticket is essential. Choose and purchase the perfect ticket for you, based on your preferred participation dates and duration of stay. Furthermore, attendees who are 17 years or younger can enjoy the event for free.

Please note that while we foster a family-friendly environment, we are not babysitters or child supervisors. Parents and guardians must supervise their children at all times during the event.

Hotel Participation:

If you choose to stay at a hotel and join our event, the ticket prices are as follows:

  • One-day pass: $25 per person

Camping Participation:

For those who opt to camp on campus while attending the event, you’ll need to bring your own camping gear or trailers (limited showers and restrooms are available for communal use on the premises). Ticket prices for campers are as follows:

  • One-day pass: $50 per person

Interested in contributing to the creation of our community gathering space “Don-Don Den-Den” ? Just follow the link to secure your 1-day pass, and feel free to drop by at any time during your selected day.

Catered Meals

Daily food delights are available for participants, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner served. Gather for delicious meals and warm conversation with fellow attendees, instructors, and artists. The meal ticket costs $50 per day (required for those 17 and younger as well).

Please note that meal tickets are limited, so secure yours early. If meal tickets sell out, you’ll be cooking up your own culinary creations using your outdoor cooking gear (the campus kitchen is for the cooking crew’s group meals and is not available throughout the day. However, outdoor grills and access to water are available for everyone’s use). Participants should manage their own food storage, but rest assured, details on kitchen usage and rules will be provided on the event day.

Meal preparation and cleanup will be a collaborative effort—sharing duties among all participants.

We’re also planning several potluck-style dinners throughout the period for communal enjoyment and delightful evening gatherings.

We eagerly await your involvement in these exciting projects, where delicious meals and warm interactions pave the way for an unforgettable experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Everything is set for creating cherished memories!

Enthusiastic participants, please register according to the period you have selected, based on the above-mentioned participation fees. Should you have any questions or wish to know more about the application process, feel free to reach out. We are wholeheartedly looking forward to your participation.

A Special Invitation to our Bluff Townsfolk

Greetings to our cherished Bluff community! We extend a warm invitation to our local residents to engage in a unique opportunity of work-trade. This initiative allows individuals to contribute their talents and time by participating in our upcoming event. Please note that applicants must be 18 years of age or older. The application window for this work-trade opportunity will commence on January 25, 2024, and we kindly request that you inform us of your interest by February 21, 2024. Keep in mind that we may close the application period earlier than announced if we receive a number of applicants that meets our program’s capacity. Rest assured that we will update all applicants on their status by March 1, 2024. If you are considering becoming a part of our event through work-trade, we encourage you to apply within the specified timeframe and select a position that aligns well with your skills and interests. Your contribution will play a significant role in the success of our event while offering you a chance to gain invaluable experience. For more information, please do not hesitate to reach out or refer to our website.

Work-Trade Position Highlight: Meal Crew

The Meal Crew functions as a crucial part of our kitchen staff, taking on a pivotal role in the event’s success. Let’s delve into what this position entails:

Orientation and Kitchen Dynamics

All interested Meal Crew participants will be required to attend an orientation with the kitchen staff, scheduled to begin at 10 AM on March 17th (Sunday).

As part of the Meal Crew, you will be tasked with preparing meals for a group of 30-40 people within a 2-hour timespan. Punctuality and a keen ability to concentrate are paramount for this role.

We eagerly anticipate the joy and camaraderie you will bring as a Meal Crew member, and we are excited about the vital part you will play in facilitating a successful event. Should you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Hiroko Yamamoto

Co-director, DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff


Fuel Creativity with Your Donation: Support Our Workshops with a Heartwarming Gesture!

Join us in igniting the spark of collaboration and creativity in our workshops by offering your generous support.

Our mission is to host workshops where brilliant minds come together to create and innovate. To encourage the ingenuity of our participants, we aim to raise $6,000 to cover the cost of wholesome meals provided throughout our event.

The Impact of Your Generosity:

🍽️ Nourish Creativity: Support our instructors and participants as they brainstorm and build.

🤝 Build Community: Foster bonds and brainstorming through communal meals.

🌱 Support Local: Your donations also have a ripple effect on local catering providers!

Every Bite Counts:

From a snack to a full meal, your kindness significantly uplifts the spirits of our entire collective.

  • $10 can provide a meal for one participant
  • $500 can cater a communal meal
  • $6,000 will help us hit our goal!

Let’s make it happen! To donate, please click the button below to jump to our GoFundMe page.

As a token of our gratitude, we will feature a personal “Thank You” in our workshop materials.

We are profoundly thankful for your support in making this gathering an unforgettable experience—nourishing bodies and feeding souls.

Building a Creativity Hub: Call for Material Donations

We’re building a gathering place that stimulates creativity, and we need your help!

Items Needed:

  • Garden natural materials that can be pruned
  • Fallen trees with a diameter of 3 inches or more
  • Giant reed canes
  • Rebar
  • Concrete

Your Impact:

  • Strengthening Community Bonds
  • Creating an Inspiring Environment
  • Supporting Local Fulfilment

Together, let’s build a space where creativity flourishes. Thank you for joining us in our endeavors!

Hiroko Yamamoto

DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff, co-director


Refund Policy

Welcome to “Don-Don Den-Den” – where creativity blooms and hands-on experiences create lasting memories. We understand that life can be unpredictable, so here’s our straightforward refund policy for when plans change.

Submitting Your Refund Request:

Email Notification: Please notify us of your need for a refund exclusively via email. This helps us keep an organized record and ensures that your request is attended to promptly.

Guidelines for Refund Eligibility:

Timing is Everything: You must request a refund at least 30 days prior to the event start date to be eligible.
Email for Refund Requests: Direct all refund inquiries and requests to our dedicated event office email. The official refund request must come through electronically at least 30 days before the event start date.

Important to Remember:

No Post-Commencement Refunds: Once the event has commenced, we’re unable to offer refunds under any circumstances. We seek your understanding that commitments to our venue, instructors, and materials are made far in advance.

We’re here to ensure that your experience with us, from the excitement of registration to the resolution of any changes, is handled with care and understanding. Should you require a refund, rest assured that we will guide you through our hassle-free process.

Weather-Related Cancellations

Nature can be unpredictable, and while we hope for sunny skies, we must also prepare for the unexpected. In the event of extreme weather conditions that pose a risk to safety and require us to close our camp, we want to be upfront about our policy.

Safety First:

Our paramount concern is the well-being and safety of our attendees, staff, and community. If local authorities classify weather conditions as disaster-level and necessitate a camp shutdown, we will take this seriously and act accordingly.

No Refunds for Weather Closures:

We are unable to offer refunds if the event is cancelled due to extreme weather. Such situations are beyond our control, and we ask for your understanding that resources are allocated and expenses incurred well in advance of the event.

Stay Informed:

We encourage all participants to stay informed about the weather forecast and to plan accordingly. We will communicate proactively with registered attendees via email and updates on our website in the days leading up to the event should there be any concerns about the weather.

Community Support:

In times of unexpected closures, we come together as a community. We’ll strive to support each other and navigate through the challenges posed by severe weather conditions.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate the uncertainties of nature together. Let’s remain hopeful for favorable conditions and an unforgettable experience at “Don-Don Den-Den”!

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Hiroko Yamamoto

DesignBuildUTAH@Bluff, co-director